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Gardens for Health enables people living with HIV/AIDS to improve their nutrition, health, and tr
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The Kibili Project’s overall goal is to contribute to the fight against poverty and food insecuri
This project intend to improve the local banana farmer's livelihood through information sharing,
this project is about adoption of agricultural land management (SALM) practices to enhance food s
We partner with health centers in Rwanda to bring agriculture into the clinical treatment of maln
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Cette barre nutritive est destinée à toutes les personnes qui ont besoin de protéines manquantes
To empower anyone who wants to access the nutritional power of moringa with the knowledge and res
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The Ihangane Project believes that sustainable improvements in health occur through home-grown so
Project beneficiaries for this project will be the community families that use the energy service
Our Sisters Land Initiative (OSLI) aims at adolescent mother’s empowerment in agricultural cooper
Les pays en développement doivent faire face au défis de la mondialisation et de l'intégration ré
increasing the harvest in Rwanda for food security, preventing the environmental harm and harvest
The project is about the Production of Agro Forestry Trees and Fruit Seedlings to Farmers in Buge
The organic food staff is dealing with mushroom production in protected environment.