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Gardens for Health enables people living with HIV/AIDS to improve their nutrition, health, and tr
80% of Rwandans and billions of people worldwide live in homes with dirt floors-breeding grounds
Invest Africa is an online micro-investment platform dedicated to helping small enterprises in A
The LoveWorks Synergy Project is “A designed beauty of synergy created only to add, never to subt
Beekeeping has been carried out across many generations in Rwanda (GATARE).
A holistic approach driven by grassroots women with initiatives around grassroots mapping and doc
The 1994 genocide in Rwanda left much suffering, poverty and social disruption.
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The mission of Novi Boutik is to provide business opportunities for low-income tailors and artisa
The Cry Peace Project will support peacebuilding and healing in Rwanda through online and cellula
Akilah is a college that offers a unique model of market-relevant education that empowers graduat
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Our product is a homemade banana leaf sanitary pad that can be produced in a home or small room w
Dirt floors make people sick, and billions of people now live and sleep on a dirt floor because t
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Dazin provides cooking fuel - for free to rural households and at below market prices to urban an
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