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Home Safe aims to establish a nationwide network of professional chauffeurs on call, around the c
We invented a device called Caps (Camera Active Protection system) multipurpose device that can b
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All fuel powered automobile adds to pollution. Why not put an air filter on every vehicle?
A mobile phone-based service that helps job seekers in India access life-changing information abo
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'Ez School Bus Locator' is an innovative school bus and student tracker app that:
Greenlight is an initiative to reduce 80% waiting time on Indian roads.
A good traffic system need auto regulation without enforcement personal in the field and traffic
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Imagine you were on a motorbike and met with an accident. There is no help available.
STDL will involve a smart driving license which with the help of a hardware installed which will
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The project restricts the ignition of a 4-wheel automobile based on the chip in the driving lice
Ambulance should always travel on the right side of the road.
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Despite the rising number of cars in metro cities today, the infrastructure development and law e
Road Accident Sampling System - India (RASSI) is an initiative to create an in-depth road traffic
This proposed project deals with the issues of universal accessibility which in turn provides the
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Maintenance of road surface is important to ensure safety to its users.
We have shown how we have used crowd sourcing techniques to collect large data set on potholes ef