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Although stroke is perceived as occurring primarily among the elderly, it also strikes infants. F
“Maximizar la educacion y crear independencia.” VAMOS A PROVEER UNA SOLUCION
Plain Ink creates engaging comics, imagery and stories to communicate public health and other vit
'Hiburim' (connections in hebrew) is a social enterprise that helps underprivileged fam
Herbalism is a well known system of traditional/alternative medicine practiced throughout human h
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Silver Thread (Filo d’Argento) is a national toll free number that offers to the elderly companio
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AMKA fights the root causes of child malnutrition in the southern rural area of Katanga, DRC, by:
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Centro Medico Santagostino is an innovative healthcare institution in Italy.
Microfy's mission is to help Refugees & Asylum seekers to sustain themselves and become econo
Employment and Training Initiatives for religious women in Israel as the enabler for financial se
TWIST is an interactive and innovative programme that raises awareness of gender inequality in sc
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Personal Spokeswoman application is the new generation of text to speech for mobile that teach wo
Hopemakers is a debt counselling service that offers to refinance high interest loans.
Multilingual and multiplatform publishing company devoted to patient medical education and to the
Disease InfoSearch (DIS) connects individuals with hard-to-find information and other people expe
With life expectancy growing,it becomes increasingly necessary for individuals to preserve their
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우리는 난청을 가진 한국의 저소득층 노인들에게 한국인의 특성에 맞는 보청기를 낮은 가격에 제공하는 영리사업을 하는 조직입니다.
Improve the access to halotherapy benefits to children and people with respiratory and dermatolog