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Training and equipping women to run community-based bicycle workshops has proven to be an entry l
Balsam and Lulwa Al-Ayoub are working to promote gender equality in Kuwait.
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Edu-Light is an initiative powered by GreenVille Solutions that aims to work with schools to find
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Tengri is a brand built by people unwilling to settle for the status quo.
E-Mobility is the future tranport.
Author of the Book New MONEY MASTERS under theme African Wealth series, that share the journey of
Deer antlers are used in oriental medicine since ancient times.
PresentationTube provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing network to help instruc
A complete home in an incomplete town: being a centre for holistic care in a disrupted environmen
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FMS is an ICT tool to hold the service providers accountable & facilitate citizens’ validatio
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We seek to change the negative relationship between herders and snow leopards in rural Mongolia.
La cogestión se refiere a los acuerdos en los que los pastores garantizan el acceso y comparten l
A co-gestão refere-se ao regime em que os pastores garantem o acesso e compartilham a responsabil
The poor in African villages have physical assets, which are often owned informally (no property
Co-management refers to arrangements in which herders secure access to and share responsibility a
Establishment of SME Library in all of the African countires ,the SME library will provide ICT ,I
Provide a source of domestic risk capital in partnership with host-country banks/NBFIs.
The poor in African villages have physical assets, which are often owned informally (no property