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HSR Ward 174 is pioneering in a new concept named Neigbourhood Improvement Programme(NIP).
 Govtify helps interested NGOs and social businesses apply to Government funds/grants/loans for s
The Democracy System is not effective in India.
Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
Opening up most taboo & ignored subject of menstrual hygiene;a female health hazard by involv
A mobile phone-based service that helps job seekers in India access life-changing information abo
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A correctional road safety education and training centre to promote a culture of safe driving amo
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Maintenance of road surface is important to ensure safety to its users.
Our platform will use mobile and internet technology to address lack of accountability in local
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Our main goals are to organize women workers for full employment and self-reliance.
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An Alcoholic Beverage (Beer/Wine/Spirit etc.) can be less harmful and largely safe for liver and
Social Enterprises across the world are on rise and play a critical role in nation building proce
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It is the only Wiki for Government procedures in the world.
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Idea-press will be a pioneering non profit forum where ideas can reach governments, industry & busin
Citizens Report combines Citizen Journalism workshop with a ready-to-use website that belongs to
Practical, sustainable, low cost solution to increase participation.