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Natural fiber production and meat production can be integrated in an environmentally green manner
Natural fiber production and meat production can be integrated in an environmentally green manner
Project Mushroom is a social enterprise aiming to foster and encourage farmers towards agribusine
The program aims to educate communities on natural farming techniques to help defeat hunger, one
Sen Women up lance à Kédougou, au Sénégal, un projet d’entrepreneuriat féminin autour d’une céréa
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Entrepreneur En Action inspires and motivates African Entrepreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs th
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Chicken is one of the most favorite meat foods all over the world and is a common fowl found in t
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) sustainability occurs at the intersection of Governance, Dema
FlipTrip connects travelers to locals in off the beaten path destinations in the Philippines.
We will teach women in the DRC how to read and write.
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Construindo uma cadeia be valores com bases comunitárias para redes de pesca de nylon descartadas
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Construir una cadena de valor comunitaria para las redes de pescar de nylon descartadas, que logr
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Construire une chaîne de valeur basée sur la communauté, pour les filets de pêche en nylon abando
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Building a community-based value chain for discarded nylon fishing nets which will:
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With more than 25% of the population below the poverty line, poverty in the Philippines is widesp
CyanGirls est une équipe de jeunes ingénieurs informaticiens.
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ANUESP association, d'union , d'entre aide et de solidarité pour la partage
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GERAD MULTISERVICE/GIE (Groupement d'Intérêt économique) s'investit dans la formation, l'assistan