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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made?
Vandebron created an Airbnb-style site for electricity, cutting utilities out of the transaction
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Pyrolysium is a web platform for the promotion and development of pyrolysis as an efficient way t
This device and application will help you to FEEL people from a distance.
Enerji aktarımı yapmak günümüzdeki altyapılarla çok maliyetli değil fakat biz enerjiyi kablosuz a
YP(GC) started to give consultancy and preparing the education program to create and support gree
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Sit & Heat is an energy efficient terrace heater; built in cushions, which uses 95% less ener
We solve the personnel problem in senior health care and the loneliness of elderly by getting the
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Allow entrepreneurs to install clean water and energy solutions supported by crowd-funding; resul
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We want to change our local environment by offering women that have suffered from mainly breast c
Specially in machine industry, creating a new system or machinery needs innovation.
Flying fish lives in Lake Van in which the biggest soda lake in the world.Lake water does not sui
Circle Economy and Friesland Campina are working together to identify circular opportunities for
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TheCityGame is an app that gives users the opportunity to learn about meaningful actions, have fu
BLOOMILY supports self organizing networks caring for friends, family and others in need in a saf