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One Globe Kids is the first play experience that safely and realistically simulates inter-group f
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El proyecto abre las posibilidades educativas que la tecnología actual permite a niños que viven
Get Financial Services of Chartered Accountant
INSIDER® is a unique, system independent IT solution that enables doctors to get insight in the o
A social mobile app with geo-location services that allows users to connect anywhere.
KShare is a cloud based, gamified, social, enterprise knowledge management system.
Schoolbank aims to reach the unreached children and young people by ensuring financial inclusion
Musoni is a social enterprise that establishes best-practice microfinance institutions and uses t
What can mobile technology do for health, education and economic development?
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VC4Africa aims to be the Facebook of Venture Capital in Africa connecting 1.9 million African bas
Esperanza en Accion offers the Sustainable Financial Education Program to 225 low income artisans
Gradberry.com is a careers and courses hybrid platform, where the youth can learn marketable skil
The Cleantech Playground encapsulates two nearly self-sufficient communities in Amsterdam that ge
Throwing away vegetables because their looks are not perfect?