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Fabretto supports early child development in at-risk rural Nicaraguan communities by training pub
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Educar a los jóvenes en la prevención del VIH a través de expresiones artísticas en la calle.
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trabajamos para empoderar jóvenes a tomar decisiones responsables desde el enfoque de la prevenci
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FairMail is a social enterprise producing fair-trade greeting cards.
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ONEforONE is a social enterprise in The Netherlands that sells water bottles, health insurances a
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Children become responsible for providing oral health at their schools
Que sean niñ@s los encargados de brindar salud bucal en sus escuelas
The Project Municipios Transparentes (transparent municipalities) is a group of programs aimed at
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An air ticket for jose / un pasaje aereo para jose
Truckcare is a vehicle processing center for trucks and buses.
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