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Isara is an open sign language dictionary and learning application.
Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.
BALI – “The Islands of the Gods” is a paradise loved by people worldwide, and once abundant fresh
Pesawat Kertas is a volunteer project in building youth development to catch or prepare their dre
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We revitalize traditional art work through integrating cultural preservation into the economic em
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We identify profit-making strategies through founding green communal business groups to bring eco
Dimana seharusnya belajar saham yang bagus untuk memperoleh banyak ilmu mengenai investasi saham
Housewife Financial Consulting Development Program is a program that will help housewife to incre
Dompet Dhuafa, a social change movement based in Indonesia, has branches in Japan, Australia and
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Relawan Baca, students' contribution and awareness for the visually impaired.
YRS empowers women at Bali's traditional markets to achieve reproductive health wellbeing by prov
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LEADER empowers youth by running community radio in schools and using English language to create
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SWN provides local citizens journalism training & affordable digital equipment to revolutioni
Preparing local children to become campaigner of coastal protection by engaging them in edutainme
Football competition among high risk groups with stakeholders and favorite football team.