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Gifts Food Culture (GFC) was incorporated to produce groundnut paste for family and friends on a
The use of natural fibres is on the ascendency.
A solar powered mosquito attractant to aid reduce the cases of malaria in the country especially
Khama is an accessories brand built on a collaboration between designers in London and Malawi.
Plastic wastes has been a problem for african countries, Operation plastius has come out with inn
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To promote and implement sustainable agricultural practices in the district,
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We are offering to bring all parties in the agriculture value-chain (cereal) to a common place (a
The slums in Ghana either had to illegal connect the national grade of electricity or has to depe
Edu-Light is an initiative powered by GreenVille Solutions that aims to work with schools to find
A & A Farms is a social enterprise that identifies peasant guinea fowl farmers, train them, p
E-Mobility is the future tranport.
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Our Adventure Sports business, BraveHearts Expeditions, introduces modern-day explorer teams of E
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The Urban mechanized borehole project for rural development is one initiative that will impact bo
Effective waste management strategies assist in minimising or avoiding adverse impacts on the env
AMPP fights poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Malawi by promoting and establishing sustainable
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Please visit our site to see the depth of our team and how we have experts in many fields coming
50% of premature babies will stop breathing at night.
The poor in African villages have physical assets, which are often owned informally (no property