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The University of Lethbridge has a rich heritage as a leader in First Nations, Métis and Inuit ed
EyeCheck is building a vision screening smartphone app and future generations of our technology w
This project contributes to the development of disadvantaged areas through the creation of a citi
We have developed a revolutionary and affordable digital engagement platform with innovative enab
Sustainable sea food-shellfish Supply and demand
Before and after stress testing of five age groups
Connect domestic violence survivors and professionals of similar social economic backgrounds with
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More than 350,000,000 people of all ages and background suffer from depression now
AMPP fights poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Malawi by promoting and establishing sustainable
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
providing a completely new perspective in perceiving reality
Chronic pain conditions in children are often misdiagnosed and go untreated in BC.
combine east and west medicine for health - heal sick
To create a think-tank/research centre that identifies, defines and works toward promoting sustai
Mental health & addiction affected in all direction though most people do not understand unle
Anthelmintics are expensive and administration of them is time consuming.
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Virtual Network of Community Action to connect Education, Resources and Programs to support solut
Kootenay Carshare Cooperative (KCC) is a member based service cooperative that maintains and coor
Exploration of a structured and comprehensive model of social collaboration to ensure accessible