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Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
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Most of Kenya's population live in rural areas which comprises of the youths and women;who h
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Inspiring stories, treasures in diversity, words of wisdom and courage and beautiful designs put
ICT4D is a model created by Jonathan Mativo that brings technological education to rural communit
mingles cree que la mejor forma de practicar un idioma es conversando.
Lo que PSIBENSA plantea guarda una estrecha relación con los conceptos de Envejecimiento Activo y
PSIBENSA wants elederly happy, an idea related to the concept of Active Aging and Solidarity betw
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Currently, there are over 1 million Kenyan children not attending school (Source: UNESCO).
g.Maarifa is a mobile job training, evaluation, and placement platform for low-income youths aged
Plataforma de Apoyo Tecnologico a Mujeres Emprendedoras
Servicio de ayuda amigable a las mujeres en todo tiempo.
.HOLA FABIOLA, programa de alfabetización digital de mujeres inmigrantes
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AOMICAT: Caterin social mujeres migrantes en cataluña: Conoce, Aprende y Emprende con nosotras
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We are intelligent and energetic kenyan women raising a powerful network of women in tech working
Un innovador estudio que optimiza los programas educativos que fomentan más y mejores agentes de
Teatro de creación para enseñar materias dentro de la escuela.
IDF is a registered NGO whose vision is a healthy, just and economically viable society.
ACCEDER is created to facilitate access to the labor market through training-employment schedules