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At GiftedMom, we use innovative technologies and underemployed youths in the informal sector to i
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We are empowered young women overcoming poverty by creating sustainable ventures that transform o
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We are building a women's center for education and entrepreneurship to further s
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The goal of the Cameroon Empowerment program is to bring water access to rural areas of Cameroon.
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The "Maize" project is a Community initiative focused on the cultivation, preservation
Notre mission : valoriser l’engagement solidaire des salariés.
Enabling rural entrepreneurs build self reliant communities.
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Quick Marketing Solution (QMS) is an experiment in mobile marketing, an opportunity for real econ
We provide accounting and financial training to grass root poor people
Maps That Matter engages girls and boys in Cameroon in decision-making processes by using digital
Management Service Foundation is involved in community banking with local farmers.
This idea highlights bad and good practices at hospitals through a combination of hospital users
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Cameroonians are mad about football and it is THE national sport!
The Tinto periodical market is a business project aimed at helping cocoa farmers in the enclave a
Offer quality oral and dental treatment at a low cost in order to be accessible to the public at
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The idea of this project is to organize football tournaments to empower girls to prevent HIV/AIDS
Educational empowerment on reproductive health (working name) is an idea being born.
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At GiftedMom, we use innovative technologies and underemployed youths in the informal sector to i