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Building Pioneers makes solid houses more affordable, eco-friendly and disaster resistant in deve
The objective of the Bangladeshi Garment Employee Gold Standard – Certificate (GEGS), is to set u
BIOTREM is a disruptive idea of using wheat bran (by-product of milling) to produce ecological di
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No garment factory worker is empowered or safe with only men in charge.
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Made Blue matches the water consumption of companies by creating clean drinking water in developi
Media Association is a phenomenon, not only in the scale of the country, but also Europe.
CityPartnerships helps local institutions in finding partners among public, private, scientific a
Accessing safe water is a primary concern for many people around the world.
“Seniors in action” is a nationwide grant competition which promotes intergenerational cooperatio
Secure, eco-friendly playgrounds will be built for underserved children in Bangladesh to ensure t
CSF is a non-profit working to eliminate avoidable causes of childhood disability & to establ
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School networking & trained-up a grassroots citizen journalist group to publish local content
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Creating global base information of the society and empowering individuals to raise their voices
Over 6 million people in Bangladesh have witnessed their houses, land and properties destroyed by
Marinelife Alliance & ExploreWild Eco-tour Operator are running sea turtle conservation and m
Over 6 million people in Bangladesh have witnessed their houses, land and properties destroyed by
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We, R&R Solutions, help industrialists help environment to maintain its pristine state.