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El proyecto “Capellanía Escolar” de Juventud para Cristo Bolivia nace de corazones conmovidos por
EL proyecto “Mi cuerpo mi primer territorio” se origina por una de las problemáticas más comunes
Jóvenes fortalecidos por una democracia libre, participativa con liderazgo, desarrollan su potenc
Em 2009 as Nações Unidas consideraram o acesso à água potável um Direito Humano Universal, porém
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Concienciar a jóvenes varones sobre el daño que causa el ejercicio de una masculinidad irresponsa
El Medidor de vulnerabilidad de derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas en países extractivista
An ex-prisoner himself, Juan Carlos Pinto is organizing prisoners to humanize the penal system in
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Elvira Alvarez has developed and is now spreading a comprehensive, community-based model program
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Green Xchange where heartland socially disadvantaged trade off their recyclables for free medical
The hotel industry covers the entire sustainability spectrum.
I am proposing standard sizing batteries for mobile devices.
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Kallfly is an On-Demand virtual Contact Center marketplace, connecting businesses with experience
Transitional ___ aims to unlock potential of vacant spaces in transition to a new lease of life b
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We help neighbourhoods in Singapore design community-owned spaces and solutions - by providing to
Capital Commons provides investments, consulting services, tools or expertise for all early-stage
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Singapore is a fast-paced society with high cost of living.
5MinuteMusic is an online magazine about the music scene in Singapore.
Main competitors are recycling companies.