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KOFAr manufactures and sells natural soil conditioners and processed vegetative compost that reve
EcoZoom is a social enterprise and certified B Corporation that makes clean burning, portable woo
This project harnesses the abundance of sunlight to light shopping centres in off-grid rural part
Komfee Modular Structures will develop and sell affordable
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We help Africa attain food security by linking farmers with owners of idle land online where farm
We connect farmers within the same geographical region to provide a way out of the production of
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Ecotran seeks to provide affordable and efficient transportation in the rural marginalized commun
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The project is about establishing an all-organic farm that uses water hyacinth from Lake Victoria
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Provide fast maturing tree seedlings to locals to plant, advise them to conserve and use it in ba
Abom sub-location's socio-economic analysis shows that, capital assets available to support livel
This program is a social entreprise that aims at providing access to clean and affordable energy
Training for both the manager and farm workers will be provided in the modern approaches to organ
Our company is called Poly-E-power Energy it will be involved in collecting plastic waste paper b
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FlashCast operates a network of location-aware, dynamically refreshing text displays installed in
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Sasa is a peer-to-peer e-commerce technology that connects offline artisans in the developing wor
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Crutches 4 Africa enables the physically disabled people in dire need to begin life again with ho
A significant reduction in Carbon use specifically in sub-Saharan Africa, the use of the stoves
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Nairobi lacks an organised system of waste management leading to wanton pollution by plastic wast