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A solar powered mosquito attractant to aid reduce the cases of malaria in the country especially
Project hope targets the training of young street girls who move from the less privileged norther
AFIA is a sustainable women's clothing line inspired by the layers around us.
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Productive Agriculture Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S.) program pools appropriate tech
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The project is aimed at taking advantage of the the already existing structures and competencies
Della is a fashion line that is changing the standard of fashion production by empowering economi
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Drink to Life provides vitamin fortified drinks to support healthy pregnancies,thereby reducing p
PURPLE CONFERENCE is an annual Women-Only Conference on MARCH 8th, to commemorate United Nations
1. Adequate & comprehensive biodata compilation of every patient
Mobile HeathEd takes advantage of cultural roots and understanding to fight community resistance
VPWA’s Micro-leasing scheme empowers no-collateral-but-creditworthy entrepreneurs to lease produc
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Creatively utilizing tech in different ways to address the low-risk/high profit system & impu
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To enable impoverished, rural women and youth to access income via sustainable projects, develop
Use law to empower women to acquire knowledge on family laws - marriage, inheritance, domestic vi
Africa has a lot of farm uncultivated farm lands.
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The idea is to have a database of all women support organizations, Agencies and Individuals, whic
The GREEN - Project is addressing the issue of the low percentage (%) of women in Ghana’s Agric S
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Integrated Maternal and Paediatric Care (IMAPAC) reaches out effectively to young women, mothers