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Ce voyage a commencé dans un cercle, un petit groupe de champions qui se sont rencontrés au bon m
This journey started with a circle, a small group of champions who were brought together at the r
Our project is unique and distinct from other similar programs due to the number of partnerships
Ethik BGC works along the value chain promoting a triple bottom line that works for people and it
J's Junk is a family-owned junk removal company, offering efficient, fast, and eco-friendly junk
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Book review: "Sari, this is fascinating.
A program delivered at schools for 6th-grade students to teach the ABC's on how to make good nutr
Children in class get too restless and bored.
This is an interactive simulation that allows the user to play the role of a kid in middle school
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More than 40 local people representing over a dozen agencies and organizations are currently supp
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Hakuna Matata Imports and Accessories has grown out of my love for Africa, and the learning's tha
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The Virtual TV Studio for Youth : a mentored, collaborative web space for all high schoolers acro
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Net Tuesday brings together community leaders interested in the use of technology to bring about
In order to develop emotional literacy in youth, we have invested in Quirky Kid resources and pro
In order to develop emotional literacy in youth, we have invested in Quirky Kid resources and pro
Counselling youth in an engaging way, helping prevent self destructive behaviors, bullying, subst
Design-thinking workshops for non-profits, activists and social entrepreneurs.
opening a small business a Bakery and locally grown vegetables.
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We want to scale up our successful social marketing process for creating sophisticated media camp
Culinary, capacity, and community partnerships... Achieving dreams through food.