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NGO BOROUME facilitates the food saving process of the largest supermarket chain in Greece to nea
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If you have underexploited land and thinking of using it for an extra income, if you believe that
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The goal of the project is to catalyze sustainable development through rewilding in the island gr
Hayrettin Karaca, considered the father of Turkey’s environmental movement and nicknamed “grandfa
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Starting in southeast Turkey near Lake Van—the country's largest lake—Mustafa Sari is demons
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Gunesin Oya Aydemir is strengthening conservation efforts in Turkey by helping and supporting sma
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Victor Ananias is raising awareness about the benefits of organic food, one part of his larger ef
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Ormanevi Collective empowers young individuals to become a land entrepreneur based on regenerativ
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Urban Permaculture Project aims to transform idle places into fertile areas in cities with more p
Enerji aktarımı yapmak günümüzdeki altyapılarla çok maliyetli değil fakat biz enerjiyi kablosuz a
The Therapeutic Garden will be a new green space in the center of Athens, where older people will
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The whole world is familiar with the financial crisis in Greece.
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Is there anybody living in developing country and doing recycle at their home?
I created a project that it will help to solve all recycling problems of my city and my country.
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Athens Sustainability Center will offer education on sustainability and systems thinking.
GCC is creating a new ecosystem of stakeholders, leveraging the interaction of key players to mee
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Our experience, from the design of school yards, with vegetable gardens, all around Greece, is th
Originating from the shadow of the Parthenon and in the form of an international digital magazine
The Therapeutic Garden will be a new green space in the center of Athens, where older people will