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Es un programa educativo a través de un juego de mesa 
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We are building a women's center for education and entrepreneurship to further s
There is an immense lack of good sanitary facilities and access to safe water amongst people who
I want to put thousands of open education materials available on the internet and those developed
goods for good is a nonprofit organization that builds business to support orphaned and vulnerabl
Project Athena is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that every child in Sierra Leone
Our mission is to provide innovative, capacity-building solutions designed to improve the effecti
We run businesses in farming & food processing to fund free, high-quality education for kids
Training primary school teachers dedicated to teach in rural areas while making them agents of ch
Theatre for a Change uses experiential participation to help support some of the most vulnerable
We are launching Fair Trade Diamonds to benefit people and communities involved in the industry a
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I would like to bring to the world a multi-dimensional, full-circle and complete system of empowe
Coach Kalekeni Mtalika Banda's idea is, through the lure of afterschool soccer leagues, to establ
Hong Kong is a Gourmet Paradise as well as a wasteful city - 3600 tonnes of food waste are dumped
goods for good(GFG) is a nonprofit organization that builds business to support orphaned and vuln