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At present, there is no public space dedicated to awareness and education about sexual exploitati
Twenty years of brutal conflict has rendered Liberia nearly the poorest country on earth.
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We are building a women's center for education and entrepreneurship to further s
Khama is an accessories brand built on a collaboration between designers in London and Malawi.
Collaborating with cross sector stakeholders, a new CSR programme will be delivered to address bo
The project will increase participation of Cambodian female garment factory workers in decision-m
MiiHealth aims to enhance patient safety principally by transforming infection prevention and con
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Samatoa uses socially responsible techniques to produce luxury Eco-fabri
This project contributes to the development of disadvantaged areas through the creation of a citi
Nursing for All's flagship program, the Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Program, has seven pr
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The workshop was officially opened in November 2010 with the idea of creating a laboratory of tex
Our project aims at youth women empowerment and employement.
There is an immense lack of good sanitary facilities and access to safe water amongst people who
Our project focuses on utilizing anaerobic biogas digestion technology to provide an accessible,
AMPP fights poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Malawi by promoting and establishing sustainable
The computer system was designed for the computer novice and the non-English speaker.
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Since 1997, iDE has been a using a market-based approach to improve access to clean water, sanita
VillageReach is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to improve health by increasing acc
We create sustainable access to health for child survivors of trauma in Cambodia.
50% of premature babies will stop breathing at night.