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HandReach works to provide world-class medical care and rehabilitation for children injured by tr
Chocolate production is a complicated processing.
Provide better food ingredients!
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China Grassroots Football (CGF) brings football to school communities with limited resources thro
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Orphanage Without Walls is a program that helps extremely impoverished poor orphans from minority
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Silicon Rice Bowl aims to catalyze innovation in China's food and agriculture sector.
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With a social enterprise approach, training program of Qianqianshu Equal Education Partners aims
Shanghai Roots & Shoots aims to inspire passion for the environment and humanity in the child
Peking High International Division aims to educate China's next generation of educators, writers,
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Established in 2007, the Beijing LangLang Learning Potential Development Center (“LangLang”) is a
Raising the awareness of the whole society of disclosing child abuse, protecting the child, educa
Women often bear a disproportionate share of the burden of AIDS care, often struggling to make en
'Football For Life' is a landmark charitable grassroots project which brings joy into the lives o
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A community makerspace for integrating science, education, art & innovation, to catalyse the
Farm Life is a scalable urban farming business that 1) provides Beijing communities organic food