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Encontrarse en la Diversidad es una propuesta que apunta a encontrarse con uno/a mismo/a a la vez
To struggle against the monoculture problem we propose the use of a perennial crop such as the pa
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As part of the Social and Solidarity Economy, the project seeks to organize Associative Productiv
Farmers worldwide need better tools and knowledge to reduce unequal production issues and improve
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IBAPP represents Africa's most sustainable smallholder farm model.The concept equates youth
The LMR model suggests that if companies are promised to recieve a monopoly license on their prod
To struggle against the monoculture problem we propose the use of a perennial crop such as the pa
Herbalism is a well known system of traditional/alternative medicine practiced throughout human h
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Transformer les externalités négatives de nos déchets fécaux en opportunité pour le renouvellemen
we are building social and solidarity economy network to boost a cooperative movment in Cameroon
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Are you interested in improving or extending your knowledge in Communications and Marketing skill
In Argentina, many rural communities are faced with the problems of inequality, resignation, apat
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In the region of Las Yungas, in the North of Argentina, it has been identified barriers for the d
Producir con el máximo aprovechamiento, con tecnología y marketing apropiado, para desarrollar me
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El proyecto de desarrollo sustentable en la Biósfera de las Yungas promueve el desarrollo socio e
La Escuelita – Popular educators cooperative from Olivos working with children, adolescents and y