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El proyecto “Capellanía Escolar” de Juventud para Cristo Bolivia nace de corazones conmovidos por
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We are putting mini silent spin bikes in elementary school classrooms for self-regulation purpose
El centro de recreación educativa que aplica enfáticamente juegos tradicionales como un medio de
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We are putting mini silent exercise bikes in elementary school classrooms for self-regulation pur
Le projet « ma cour un monde de plaisir » permet d’améliorer les comportements sécuritaires et ét
We design a new category of toys, re-imagined as serious learning tools for all ages.
We seek to give every child, regardless of background, the opportunity to thrive academically, so
Recently a health report warned that too much time on smart phones actually stunted young people'
The practice of mindful meditation gives children and adults the opportunity to be in the world i
Lovin' Sports cleverly and intellectually establishes an active lifestyle into youths' lives acro
Twenty One Toys designs and develops a new category of physical toys and workshop experiences to
This is an interactive simulation that allows the user to play the role of a kid in middle school
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More than 40 local people representing over a dozen agencies and organizations are currently supp
To provide a barrier free opportunity to individuls which support their path to a better life thr
In order to develop emotional literacy in youth, we have invested in Quirky Kid resources and pro
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Kids need stories! And sometimes grownups need support to learn to tell stories well.