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AWANA es una microempresa de carácter social dedicada a la trasformación de fibra de llama en fin
Comeback Industries (CBI) help former gang members and other marginalized and radicalized youth c
Grundfos Lifelink is delivering a new model for sustainable water supply in the developing world
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We offer professional video workshops to voiceless groups of people, learning them how film, tell
We help the world become a healthier and better place, by using runners as media in the wealthier
NCD Noncommunicable diseases (cardiovascular, rheumatic, pulmonary diseases, diabetes and cancer)
Las enfermedades No Transmisibles ENT (cardiovasculares, reumáticas, pulmonares crónicas, diabete
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Implementar una cultura de gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos, la generación de empleos verdes,
Contribuir al acceso del Fútbol Social de jóvenes (hombres y mujeres) de Challapata para el fomen
WWP aims to empower women working on the streets of Cochabamba.
WWP aims to empower women working on the streets of Cochabamba.
A third career organizes workshops empowering people to tackle the challenges in the third age a
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Our mission is to enhance the quality of senior living by means of bicycles, adding colour to an