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Mattecentrum tutors around 70.000 young people in math every month – for free.
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An immersive virtual world you can enter, learn, interact and collaborate with concerned change-m
Partnership for Children is a comprehensive program which aims to integrate into society children
The wisdom and experience of seniors can still serve to the society.
Special Munchkins aims to provide a play centre for children with mental challenges.
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We provide female high school students with skills and knowledge needed to tackle high rates of u
Create a natural meeting place for all generations free from charge.
A listing of all resources available for staff in the educational system.
DAMB facilitates learning though creative problem solving in teams.
LA gives secondary school students in disadvantaged areas the tools and support to reach their go
Seeing seniors and sick standing while health juniors sitting in buses is a heartbreaking harm!
How to make young people find their way on the job market better?
Ungdomar.se was initiated in 2000 and is today one of Sweden’s largest information platforms for
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The "Solidarity in action" project aims to create a new mechanism of solidarity and responsibilit
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HATRIK is an innvoative approach, combining football, job seeking activities, training and psycho
We would like to develop and set up an internet tool - a system to assess the level of self-reli