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Isara is an open sign language dictionary and learning application.
Situs judi bandarq online menawarkan hiburan unggul bermain di tanah berbasis bandarq.
Many villages in Palembang (South Sumatera) are near the river, the villagers sometimes don'
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Es una campaña a favor de la creación de una Corte Penal Latinoamericana y del Caribe contra el C
Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.
Fútbol Más somos una organización que se inserta en el corazón de los barrios, trabajando en dos
Formemos familias fuertes, que se verán reflejadas en nuestras presentes y futuras generaciones..
FICE construye la base para comunicar el mensaje de los defensores de DH.
La comunicación inclusiva sobre la gobernanza climática facilita a jóvenes las herramientas nece
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El proyecto Ekpapalek tiene la misión de empoderar estudiantes latinoamericanos por medio de pro
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Laboratoria is a social enterprise that empowers young women from low-income backgrounds by givin
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We provide low-cost advising programs to give talented students from lower-middle-income backgrou
Pesawat Kertas is a volunteer project in building youth development to catch or prepare their dre
Transparent communication helps build trust: We have created a cost-efficient, scalable, standalo
TORAJAMELO aims to solve the feminization of poverty and the disappearance of indigenous weaving
Uni Papua Football community is providing positive leisure activity, motivator, and role model to
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Create Your Voice is non-profit organization that gives children and youth, especially those who
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In this project the ones that gain the most are the women that are responsible for these pieces o
Virtual Credit Card (VCC) mungkin menjadi jalan keluar bagi Anda yang tidak memiliki kartu kredit