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Desarrollaremos Alianzas estratégicas entre la sociedad Civil organizada y la Juventud con accion
FICE construye la base para comunicar el mensaje de los defensores de DH.
A crowdfounding but only for projects of social help, where you can donate money to organizations
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In a world where dependence on technology is penetrating aggressively in the Young Ecuador, we pr
Our NGO transforms our communities through teaching African Classical Music and the importance of
Teaching children and youth to keep away from hard drugs, crime, sexual immorality, sexual transm
PURPLE CONFERENCE is an annual Women-Only Conference on MARCH 8th, to commemorate United Nations
El Proyecto Cultural y Educativo “Hora Libre” es para que los jóvenes aprendan del VIh/sida Diver
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Transforming our Latin American Communities One Short Film at a Time.
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The KYTE Centre is going to increase the number of girls in Kajelo who are confident in their ICT
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The Mmofra Trom Bead Project is a social enterprise that raises profits through bracelet sales to
Programa educativo, innovador, creativo e interactivo que estimula capacidades y habilidades de l
We support humanitarian projects in Ghana especially projects involving children, youth and schoo
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Acceso a la información sin obstáculos económicos utilizando energía renovable e incentivando el
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Our innovative model facilitates youth empowerment and civic engagement through the production of sh
Ghana’s development agenda aspires to a middle-income economy by 2015 buoyed by the private secto
Somos una organización que desea un cambio en el comportamiento productivo de nuestra gente, ya q