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Iniciativa que surge con el propósito de formar a jóvenes universitarios como individuos activos
Promovemos el arte en todas manisfestaciones como forma de defensa de nuestro Derechos Humanos.
Héroes de la justicia es una iniciativa que surge de 3 jóvenes abogados que motivados por recuper
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En Venezuela, el DDHH al Ambiente Sano no ha recibido mucha atención, ya que por lo general se ve
En Fundación TAAP hemos desarrollado una metodología que incluye elementos provenientes de la neu
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En Caracas Mi Convive tenemos una visión 10x10x10: Queremos que a la vuelta de 10 años, Caracas s
Gaby Arenas is breaking the patterns of violence at home, school, and in communities.
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Humberto Prado is rebuilding Venezuela's deteriorated prison system and pulling it out of a
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Liliana Ortega is pioneering a human rights advocacy and education model that defines a set of co
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CoCumo: It’s an organic filter that eliminates the contaminate gases of the vehicle’s tailpipes,
The project Boron aims to make the access to clean energy easier and satisfy the basic needs of h
GreenLoo provides a public health service: it is a portable dry toilet that targets rural areas t
"Safa" is a project that aims to build a sustainable activity of production and selling
The idea is to have a device that will help find lost pets, children, elderly or people with a di
Food spoilage is a real problem in developing countries.