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Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
Imagine a world in which a substantial part of all new textiles is made from existing clothing.
We publish an updated and documented list of NON CASH needs of institutions all over the world (s
Society in general and industry in particular tend to a sustainable and ecofriendly practice, thu
Uso de la web para el fomento de una cultura abierta y de calidad y la generación de un espacio d
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Comunicación consciente basada en la participación ciudadana,creando nuevas realidades, junt@s so
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Nuevas alternativas para la ciudadanía a través de una comunicación eficaz.
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Zamabi is a young Spanish technology-based company specialized in carbon footprint.
Imagine a live participatory newspaper with its own youtube created by civil society and whose pr
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In a city that is largely collapsed by the automobile on multiple levels: pollution, space, noise
Sacocharte came into being as a project for recycling textile residue into design products, (main