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An innovative approach combining vocational training in renewable energy, enterprise and job crea
here is clock powered electricity it is a clock working as a battery that can power anything and
The main objective of this project is to provide a sustainable environment and renewable energy f
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
A sustainable and interactive forum for First Nations communities to share, explore & work t
TWB is building an Online Clean Energy Products Portal to streamline access to appropriate, affor
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CSI is here to get the EVCS installed at your local parking lot.
We want to provide portable green power and renewable energy education to events, concerts and fe
Portal for sustainable living, commerce and investment supported by advanced search functions and
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We are a small rural electrification consultancy that has partnered with a Tanzanian solar retail
An organization of businesses that collaborates to grow a green economy in British Columbia.
The Green Heat Initiative identifies and develops biomass heating projects, providing free indepe
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Our venture is based on a successful World Bank backed pilot: the installation of solar panels on
The BC Women in Energy Network fosters the success of women in the BC energy sector while raising
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The syngas generator designed for rural communities and small farms provides sustainable and rene
VINEC is striving to make renewable energy affordable and accessible to all members of the Vancou
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Cowpower is a not-for-profit sustainability service that supports BC farmers to turn manure and f
The BC Women in Energy Network fosters the success of women in the energy industry and seeks to s