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Modelo de trabajo de 13 pasos para la reintegración social de retornados guatemaltecos trabajando
AvatarGeneration.com is a blog that specializes in educational technology news, apps, learning ga
Empowering and equipping single mothers, some victims of domestic violence or trafficking with sk
Primeros Pasos (“First Steps”) is a comprehensive approach to improve healthcare in Guatemala.
In Western Guatemala many women who live below the poverty line rely on small farms to subsidize
Acompañamos a las mujeres en el proceso de reconocer su propio valor, destacando sus potencialida
Existing services for people who have contemplated or attempted suicide fail.  We change thi
Walkinstown Green Social Enterprises Ltd will provide training and employment opportunities to pe
Teach to Reach is a unique educational initiative combating illiteracy in the Yemeni lands while
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Unmarked Streets is a business education program for women in Guatemala.
Develop, identify and measure key skills, identified in the European Framework of Key Competences