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TERRABILIS the game changing the way you think!
Dilemme is an educational and fun programme which promotes financial education through game play
Le programme Dilemme, programme pédagogique ludique, promeut l'éducation financière par le jeu af
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TERRABILIS le jeu qui change les mentalités !
TalenTroc.com est la plateforme collaborative de troc de compétences.
Notre mission : valoriser l’engagement solidaire des salariés.
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Alter'Actions is a leadership program that gathers the best students from top schools, highly ski
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This is a research enhancing website that will assist innovative and creative students with their
N'Kalô is a commercial information service for small enterprises donating its services for sales
N'Kalô signifie "je suis au courant" en dioula, la langue des commerçants en Afrique de l'Ouest.
Main aim of the project is to promote and enhance possibilities for self employment of young peop
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Drawing from a wide range of sources, as oncologist, I am revolutionizing the handling of heavy c
Chain of charity and financing programs designed to graduate clients from poverty and informal bu
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This program is implemented in high-level universities.
This project aims at empowering rural women in Brageel village as social change agents by brea
To increase the active participation and involvement in society of VI seniors, one of the most ma