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We train uneducated vulnerable Mothers in highly deprived rural villages to run educational Play
Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance
Lack of Used motor oil re-refining and management solutions in Africa has led to penetration of u
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MyChild is used by nurses to register and follow up on every child to ensure they're protec
Es un movimiento social que a comenzó en los parques infantiles de Barcelona, con el fin de divul
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Ritmotics es un proyecto de enseñanza musical a través dela red basado en videos y actividades in
Sustainable management of urban waste is still a challenge being
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Infant care and education (ICE) aims at giving all children the necessary pre-primary school care
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We see development in Africa a different way,
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Centro de Educación Infantil de habla inglesa que trata de aprovechar las capacidades lingüística
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Community innovation solutions, focus on education, health and environment
Utilizando su red existente, la Iniciativa de Microfinanzas de Mujeres establecerá una educación
Utilizando a rede existente, a iniciativa de Microfinanças para mulheres estabeleceria um program
Using its existing network, Women's Microfinance Initiative would establish a land ownership righ
Attaining the Millennium Development goals through the use of football, sharing information on he
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URDT provides education and training for rural development in Kibaale District, Uganda.