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The project is about creating Eco & adventure tourism community enterprise in a form of a t
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We are building a women's center for education and entrepreneurship to further s
In Malawi, over 80% of the poor are small-holder farmers.
We believe that self-motivated private and young entrepreneurs managing small-scale enterprises c
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What do women we speak to in Malawi want? They don't want hand-outs, they want choices.
Miracle Farm Fresh is a start-up business in progress, located in Malawi.
VillageReach is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to improve health by increasing acc
WFPA promotes nutrition and agricultural development based on local production of a ‘leaf extract
Community health workers are playing a growing role in providing healthcare services in the devel
We wish to address maternal mortality in Malawi by providing care to women during the perinatal p
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In order to increase the number of women who deliver at the district clinic and to involve the Tr
Bamboo Lota hopes to bring environmental, health, and economic improvements to poverty-stricken M