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We were able to talk about one of the 'taboo?
We aim to implement After-school Program Frameworks to the mainstream Education System, to provid
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Samsung merupakan merek dagang terbaik di dunia teknologi terutama gadget smartphone.
The Pink mushroom farm and shelter aids victims of domestic violence by providing jobs, work-skil
GEC respects and represents the needs, values, rights and opinions of each empowered girl on her
My goal is to leverage the Earth’s most abundant renewable energy source, the sun, to make develo
Women helping women- PWR Foundation, is both a practitioner experimenting and
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I want to see a world where women microentrepreneurs have access to capital and a global marketpl
Employment is a basic right of people with disabilities, ensuring their social participation, eco
Develop a mobile health information system for health care providers to unify patient data and de
HIV by itself is deadly. HIV in combination with poor nutrition is devastating.
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The issue of nutrition is the issue successful farming and gardening.
All Out Africa has an operating company with three divisions:
The project reflects CIG’s commitment to the development of sustainable human livelihoods as vita
A newly developed water turbidity-clarifying method enhances a continuous physical separation pro
Shapeless Gift is the idea of giving experiences instead of material goods.
Children in Swaziland with life limiting or life threatening conditions - and there are so many
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