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Red Tierras is a network that connects land rights practitioners from marginalized communities, N
Medellín Hackeada será un noticiero hecho con la amplia participación de 30 adolescentes y en red
La Red de Jóvenes Constructores de Paz se apoya en las nuevas tecnologías para conectar a los jóv
DHumanaap es una plataforma tecnológica para la elaboración, monitoreo y seguimiento a indicador
La empresa volver, trabaja en redes con los barrios más vulnerables de la ciudad.
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Enseñarle a los ciudadanos de sus derechos fundamentales y constitucionales, a través de juegos,
Enterprise cloud based platform focused on recovering value from industrial waste streams and un-
Act2Save, an innovative mobile application, engages participants in a fun and interactive way tow
Farmers worldwide need better tools and knowledge to reduce unequal production issues and improve
Liter of light provide long term 0 cost solar powered street lighting poles solutions for the ba
Mas por TIC strengthens supply chains of different economic sectors, especially agriculture secto
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Re:Coded transforms the massive intellectual potential of Syrian refugees and IDPs by using a low
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An smatphone-based app provides specialized guidance to the general physician running a stroke co
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Firefighter rural groups in Colombia has several financial problems. Due to this, the population
E-commerce & parcel delivery services are growing unbroken.
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Living in Luzern helps expats connect with each other and the local community.
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We want co-create a map of those who participated in the social undertaking in Colombia, that all
Información para la inclusión financiera: superando las barreras del desconocimiento de la oferta
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Queremos co-crear un mapa de quienes participamos en el emprendimiento social en Colombia, que no
EstiloE.co is a place where people will find new stories for their old objects and new objects fo