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65 out of 70 cattle farmers just throw the cows' feces to the water or drainage, resulting b
This biodiesel project can help prevent large amounts of used vegetable oil (UVO) from being disp
Kami memberikan kemudahan cara memiliki Kompor Biomassa dan Degester Biogas bagi mereka yang mau
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Duta Damai Remaja is a non-profit organization, established in December 2012.
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This project is to utilize farming wastes to improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods and promote
I would like to invite all your friends to participate in the survival of animals that are often
Brenjonk Organic Village - integrated solution for rural food security, economic development, and
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We already know when the presentation of HIV-infected women has increased from year to year.
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We are creating new business opportunities for women that do not require them to take on risk or deb
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Basic needs of farmers in rural communities is a fertilizer for agriculture, fuel for kitchen pur
Geng Motor Imut (motorbike gang for Innovation and Mobilization toward Transformation) is a marry
from trash to cash is a waste management community based which focus on sorting, saving and proce
Ciporeat, as our target, is one of dairy village in Bandung which ihabited by around 1000 cows.
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The role of bio-fertilizer in soil is the addition of organic matter that serves as a source of p
"b n b" (bioethanol and biogas garbage) is one solution to the garbage problem that produced from
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Elephant Cassava Group is a proud company who take pride in the crops that we invented.Dubbed as