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 Govtify helps interested NGOs and social businesses apply to Government funds/grants/loans for s
Wireless Souls is a not-for-profit organization which aims to pioneer, strategize, adopt and crea
Tip4change uses smartphones to connect consumers with producer groups working on community projec
Seven Senses creates unique 100% organic fabrics through a distinctive manufacturing process that
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LEDER aims to promote poor youths and young entrepreneurs from the underprivileged section of th
To install and operate portable water purification systems in Government schools in India where s
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Making use of real data, manpower, resources, funds, CareerGame helps to make a career choice by
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The Idea is to create a happy space in form of an amusement park, designed for the members coming
This idea is concerned about the foreigners who visit india to explore its culture,diversity whic
This idea is concerned about the foreigners who visit india to explore its culture,diversity whi
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Milaap.org is an online platform that enables you, or anyone in the world, to lend a minimum of R
Founded in 1999, Dasra, which means ‘enlightened giving’ in Sanskrit, has grown to become India's
Galaxy Bazaar is a social entrepreneurship venture by students of Grade 11-12 of The Galaxy Educa
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Social Monitoring by involvement of the youth.
I wish to change the way we treat our flora and fauna.
Chocolate is one of the most expensive items available.
Our Socio Economic Rehabilitation (SER) programme is one of the job opportunity giving with out