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We need to take initiative to help every underprivileged child in bringing out their creative sid
Focus: It is for promoting Biological Sciences research.Also, involved in Recognizing, Addressi
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A complete solution for the blood shortage in India.
We are loosing Biodiversity at a very high rate.
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Revival of the traditional craft of hand spinning, hand weaving and natural dyeing in remote Hima
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This project 'SWAPNA' aims to strengthen the product development and simple technolog
notifyu, is a start up sms serviced portal, a helping hand for youth to get them know about the y
Feed India is a commitment to join forces to alleviate hunger and malnutrition through a nationwi
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A not-for-profit organization which works to bring in the holistic well being of children and mot
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A not for profit organization which works to bring in the holistic well being of children and mot
A mobile phone-based service that helps job seekers in India access life-changing information abo
Let'sVolunteer is a digital platform connecting socially active and responsible individuals to ac
"My Village" is a project initiated by Lister Foundation in Chennai.
Nearly 1 in 6 urban Indians live in slums where children have little access to creative learning
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Despite the rising number of cars in metro cities today, the infrastructure development and law e
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Volunteers can participate in our project to help the poor communities in Delhi, Palampur, Dharam
‘Violence is not always caused by stress, but is
Pangaea Project brings social change to schools in India through raising awareness, self-introspe
In the upcoming six to eight months we would like to start this project in Mysore city .So we are