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Ce projet d’électrification rurale en biomasse thermique consiste à la fois à répondre la demande
Since 2007, SMS'S has been thinking about an innovative response to the malnutrition in Madagasca
Adopt-A-Team Program offers a night of fun, and inexpensive entertainment to groups of retirees.
Treatment will provide a chronic disease management telehealth service to northern First Nation t
here is clock powered electricity it is a clock working as a battery that can power anything and
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There is enough research in gerontology to conclude that the benefits of exercise for the older a
Before and after stress testing of five age groups
Currently, parents watch their kids playing sports, but being active as adults is just as importa
On this "World Thinking Day" and launch of "The Play Exchange", one marvels at what One Million
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
providing a completely new perspective in perceiving reality
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A community based business model or platform that empowers youth and elders to develop meaningful
We initiated a project to network with health professionals to increase our visibility and help t