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Líderes mapuches capacitados en historia, derechos, comunicación y políticas públicas, capaces de
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An appropriate technology challenge for students in the UK and Tanzania to learn, make and share
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Le Mouton Vert, sustainable entrepreneurship contemporary wool textile design, has lines of cloth
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Thought Collective is an ethical fashion company employing and empowering women.
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Le Mouton Vert, emprendimiento sustentable de diseño textil lanero contemporáneo, presenta líneas
Biogusto is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging, using as raw materi
Healthcare as scarce as it is in Tanzania represented by high maternal mortality, under-5 mortali
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VOZ makes modern luxury fashion that is co-designed and hand-made by rural artisans in Latin Amer
Tinker Trak es un laboratorio educacional que busca revolucionar la educación de Chile y el mundo
Globo Rojo, Diseño Universal, Educación e Inclusión
“The idea is to accelerate sustainable quality through a digitally technological inclusiven