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Provide fast maturing tree seedlings to locals to plant, advise them to conserve and use it in ba
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We believe that Stigmatization hurts all of us!
Many indigenous communities here in Canada and around the world are struggling with the right to
Grundfos Lifelink is delivering a new model for sustainable water supply in the developing world
This is a noble social enterprise project and I need your support to come up with this system.
Social Justice and human rights are what we as a privileged society need to promote and work coll
The Social Justice Co-op provides leadership opportunities for high school students to learn the
I want to empower community-based organizations (CBOs) in informal settlements to generate income
Many rural communities experience a lack of water for planting and irrigation.
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Water collected during the rainy season is the primary source of drinking water for people on Was
the idea is based on empowering the locals living along rivers in Thiiti Tharaka utilise maximuml
My idea is just at infant stage but simply wanted to suggest the idea.
'Kulo' is a Luo word for fetching water.Many rural women uses a lot of energy and time in fetchin
The Samburu Project´s initiative is aimed at providing easy access to clean, safe drinking water
Plumpy'nut is one of the mos well-known Ready-To-Use-Foods.