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Gifts Food Culture (GFC) was incorporated to produce groundnut paste for family and friends on a
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El proyecto “Capellanía Escolar” de Juventud para Cristo Bolivia nace de corazones conmovidos por
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Optimum Potentials seeks to help identify the unique potentials people have and also help them de
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We are offering to bring all parties in the agriculture value-chain (cereal) to a common place (a
Teaching children and youth to keep away from hard drugs, crime, sexual immorality, sexual transm
S’amuser, se faire des amis, respecter les autres, les jeux et leurs règles, s’entraider, partage
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The after class hours program is pilot program at four public school that will serve pupil in cla
Incubando sueños, es un proyecto que brinda asistencia técnica y capacitaciones, para que las emp
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Kirah Design nacio con el fin de generar oportunidades reales de trabajo a artesanos bolivianos.
We support humanitarian projects in Ghana especially projects involving children, youth and schoo
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Nuevo género de producción audiovisual con/para celulares (foto-reportajes, periodismo ciudadano,
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We believe in a technology-powered world where information drive food commodity sales for produce
young entrepreneur club is an innovative idea which is targeting young people at the age of 18 to
INSTINCT innovates with the development of advertising platforms that provide not only the visibi
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Africa is endowed richly with talented creativity and natural resources which are of global touri
 Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in America and it has an economy based on non renew
Transform, an approach working with young people who believes they are best able to thrive when t