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Gifts Food Culture (GFC) was incorporated to produce groundnut paste for family and friends on a
Proyecto que busca promover e incorporar la participación ciudadana de Niños, Niñas, adolescentes
To give poor Bolivians-a majority of the population-the confidence and tools to speak publicly, F
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Epifanio Pacheco helps indigenous communities in Bolivia gain legal recognition for their traditi
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Cristina Bubba (Bolivia 1996) strengthens Andean indigenous communities by showing them how to le
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María Eugenia Choque, an Aymara woman, is teaching indigenous women how to assume decision-making
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Carlos Mamani reduces discrimination and social alienation among Bolivia's indigenous people
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Mamut uses the rubber of recycled tires to do impact absorber tile and floor.
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Optimum Potentials seeks to help identify the unique potentials people have and also help them de
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We are offering to bring all parties in the agriculture value-chain (cereal) to a common place (a
Teaching children and youth to keep away from hard drugs, crime, sexual immorality, sexual transm
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VOTO removes barriers to insightful communication and feedback loops between the world's poorest
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VOTO revolutionizes our ability to hear the opinions and needs of poor people in developing natio
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Mobile HeathEd takes advantage of cultural roots and understanding to fight community resistance
Incubando sueños, es un proyecto que brinda asistencia técnica y capacitaciones, para que las emp
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Kirah Design nacio con el fin de generar oportunidades reales de trabajo a artesanos bolivianos.
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It is the media that provides the country with positive and constructive information with a citiz