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WASH United (WASH = WAter, Sanitation & Hygiene) develops interactive games that use the powe
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Jacaranda Health is a social venture that aims to set a new a new standard for maternity care in
Light for the World has done a study on the performance of entrepreneurs with a disability in Ken
The continued silence and limited information available on menstruation results in millions of fe
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TRINE eliminates energy poverty, using a crowdinvesting platform to finance profitable solar ener
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The Hawkers Market Girls Centre (HMGC) is a community-based organization that empowers girls and
The Haller Farmers App is an open source web based app helping farmers farm the unfarmable in Ken
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Kenya public service vehicle drivers and conductors are neglected, considered uncouth and perpetr
It is a community based project focused on pharmacy and healthcare services provision,it is commi
Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya (DESK) narrows the gap between skilled Deaf people and employme
The unbanked rural Kenyans join local savings co-operatives to access credit.
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
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Hint: AfyaMobi is an Interactive Bulk sms Mobile Platform designed to provide accurate and timely
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Most of Kenya's population live in rural areas which comprises of the youths and women;who h
Movements often flounder when the activists driving them lack access to vital strategies, safe sp
Freeway is simply a warehouse that contains computers capable of connecting to the Internet.
Educate Kenyan youths the effects of Passing propaganda over social media to avoid the repeat of
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To avoid the cutting down of limited trees, air pollution, smoke-related human diseases and schoo
Agriculture is the major contributor of the kenyan ecenomy.
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project seeks to enhance food security and boost  nutritional value of food crops such as process