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Situs judi bandarq online menawarkan hiburan unggul bermain di tanah berbasis bandarq.
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Sela Awi are a bamboo birdcage village and well known for their skills.
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Tree Investment Program is a community empowerment program to improve farmers’ livelihood, while
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Batik Bakau is a green enterpreneurship concept which uses waste of mangrove as a natural dyeing
TORAJAMELO aims to solve the feminization of poverty and the disappearance of indigenous weaving
We work together with rural women to develop the method & technology to identify, cultivate &
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Jaringan Madu Hutan Indonesia – Indonesian Forest Honey Network, bringing integrated solution to
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Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan is already very well known, this conservation
Trash Management and Marketing is handling waste through environmentally-based entrepreneurship.
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Community Forestry, empowering community through green business toward sustainable timber industr
Es Air Laut is a mangrove product which produced by coorporation of perkumpulan petani mangrove a
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Toraja Melo aims to create a better life for women communities in Indonesia starting with Torajan
Hybrid connector nano-composite straw filter innovation is the one and only purification technolo
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Startic,a breakthrough of selling upcycled products in fashion industry.
my project is about utilization kepok banana peel and jelantah oil as stick soap.
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Growbox is edible growing mushroom kit that you can grow anywhere and anytime.
Or-PowderS, is an organic powder, brand new invention breakthrough for bread, pastry, and cake pr
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The role of bio-fertilizer in soil is the addition of organic matter that serves as a source of p