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Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge or ISoC is an annual competition
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Computer First dengan semangat First Choice in IT Training Center menyediakan jasa pelatihan Ku
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Hadirnya smartphone belakangan ini menjadi alternatif untuk menyimpan berbagai file mulai dari fo
Informasi mengenai asus notebook terbaik dan favoritku
FISH BOX is a tool to preserve fish-based electrical systems.
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Non-profits are under pressure to measure performance and results.
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Desa Inovasi is a community development program that aim to implement applied
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LEADER(Learn English And Develop Empowered Region) is a language course,media &communication
Mantasa is a non-profit organization works on edible wild plants issue.
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We are creating new business opportunities for women that do not require them to take on risk or deb
Obatech improves the relationship between nurses/pharmacists, and their chronic disease patients
Or-PowderS, is an organic powder, brand new invention breakthrough for bread, pastry, and cake pr
Lofmart.com is online organic agriculture marketplace to create market access for smallholder org